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Carrowkeel Neolithic Cemetery,
County Sligo.

Carrowkeel, County Sligo.

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Carrowkeel Map (From: John the Map)

Carrowkeel neolithic cemetery is in the Bricklieve Mountains, located between Castlebaldwin and Keash
and above Lough Arrow, County Sligo. The Passage Tombs on this site have been dated at over 5,000 years
making them older than the Pyramids in Egypt.

The 14 passage tomb cemetery is in an area of outstanding natural beauty and it is easy to see why those ancient
people choose this spot as a final resting place. Irish people traditionally view these tombs with respect
and as they are pre-Christian with some superstition! Which is why they lay undisturbed until they were opened by
R.A.S. McAllister and his team in 1911. The excavation uncovered cremated human remains.

The cemetery is on an elevated site and offers splendid views over Lough Arrow and the surrounding countryside.
The trail leading to the cemetery can be reached in 10mins. from Castlebaldwin on the N4.

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