Carrowmore, County Sligo.

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The megalithic cemetery at Carrowmore is part of an extensive megalithic landscape located close to Sligo town on the Cuil Irra peninsula which is dominated by the cairn of warrior Queen Maeve (Misgan Meadbha) on the summit of Knocknarea Mountain,
near Strandhill, County Sligo.

Situated in a dramatic setting overlooking Sligo Harbour and Ballisodare Bay, Carrowmore Cemetery is the largest of the most important Megalithic Sites in Europe with a variety of chambered cairns, passage mounds, dolmens, standing stones and stone circles.

Carrowmore, County Sligo.

Location Map - Carrowmore Megalithic Cemetery, County Sligo.

The results of an archaeology conference, presented recently to the Institute of Technology, Sligo, show that Professor Goran Burenhult of Gotland University in Sweden, who has carried out extensive archaeological research at Carrowmore, has obtained radio-carbon dates of 4,200BC and 3,500 BC. from samples at the complex.

Pre-dating the world-famous Newgrange site and the Egyptian Pyramids, experts claim that one of the tombs at Carrowmore may be the oldest `building' in the world.

Carrowmore Visitors Centre (Tel. +353 71 9161534) a restored cottage at the cemetery with info board & site map also houses a small exhibition relating to the site.
Open Times: May - October 9.30 to

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