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Lissadell Beach, County Sligo.

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Located about 8km. north of Sligo Town off the main (N15) Bundoran road and set in one of the most scenic locations of County Sligo, the Lissadell area has two wonderful south-facing beaches. Lissadell Beach has long been a much favoured spot for picnics, sunbathing, walks and safe swimming, in fact it is very popular with many water sports enthusiasts!

Lissadell Beach was the very first ever venue used by a large group of Sligo nudists and friends who bravely took the plunge (Dip in the Nip) in June 2009 and was also the location for their first naked calendar photo shoot. Almost 200 women participated in the first Dip in the Nip ranging in ages from 18 to 71. The Sligo Dippers have successfully raised tens of thousands of euro for worthy cancer charity.

The Lissadell area has strong associations with the poet W.B. Yeats (1869-1939) who is buried at Drumcliffe about 3km. away and the rebel Countess Markievicz (1868-1927) who's family the Gore-Booths once lived nearby.
In 2003 a Memorial to Countess Markievicz was unveiled at Rathcormac, near Lissadell, County Sligo.
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