Lough Gill on the Sligo/Leitrim border is five or six miles long and two or three miles wide. It's deepest part is about 120ft. It has numerous Islands and places of interest.
Some like ' The Lake Isle of Innishfree ' and Dooney left a lifelong impression on the poet W. B. Yeats.

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Lough Gill

Views of Lovely Lough Gill.

Lough Gill Map

Detailed Interactive Map of Lough Gill.        

Parke's Castle

Parke's Castle on the shores of Lough Gill.

Colgagh Lake.

Cute little Lake close to Lough Gill!


The Lake Isle of Innisfree immortalised by W.B.Yeats

Beezie's Island

Beezie Gallagher -
Last Island resident on Lough Gill

Hazelwood House & Forest

Seat of the Powerful Wynne family of Sligo/Leitrim.

Slish Wood

Slish Wood on the shores of Lough Gill.


Killery and the Lake Isle of Innisfree.

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