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  Riverstown is situated about 12 miles east of Sligo Town. It's Irish name is more descriptive, Baile idir dha Abhainn - The town between two rivers. The two rivers being: The Uncion and Douglas.

  Riverstown is located a few miles east, off the main (N4) Sligo/Dublin road just south of Collooney Co. Sligo. Cooperhill House is in the Riverstown area.

  Riverstown hosts an annual display of oldtime Agricultural tools and machinery, some Steam powered! This event is very popular and attracts many visitors. The parish of Riverstown and it's two sub parishes of Gleann & Sooey each have small close-knit and supportive communities.


The Riverstown area has a rich tradition and it's ancient cairns and monuments feature in
many stories and legends from Ireland's distant past. The terrain of the Riverstown area offers splendid views
of the surrounding countryside.


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