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St Adaman's Church, Skreen, County Sligo.

Skreen is located about 14 miles from Sligo Town, along the (N59) Sligo to Ballina road.

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SKREEN is the birthplace of the famous mathematician and physicist
Sir George Stokes, who received his early education here.

He was youngest son of the Rev. Gabriel Stokes, rector of Skreen Parish Church (Episcopalian Church of Ireland)
Stokes attended schools in Dublin and Bristol and matriculated in 1837 at Pembroke College, Cambridge, where four years later, on graduating he was elected to a fellowship.
George Stokes established the science of hydrodynamics with his law of viscosity (1851), describing the velocity of a small sphere through a viscous fluid.

Stokes Memorial Plaque

On the 10th. June 1995 a Memorial Plaque erected at the roadside was unveiled by former European Commissioner for Agriculture, Ray McSharry. Stokes was born in the old rectory formerly at this site.
The International Astronomical Union (IAU) have named a 51 kilometer Moon crater in honour of the brilliant mathematician, Stokes.

Sir George Stokes:

Born on August 13, 1819, in Skreen, County Sligo (Ireland).
In 1832, leaves home to attend school in Dublin.
Father dies in 1834.
In 1835 (at age 16) enters Bristol College (England).
In 1837, enters Pembroke College, Cambridge.
He is coached by William Hopkins (1793-1866).
In 1841, Senior Wrangler in Cambridges's Mathematical Tripos.
1845: On the theories of the internal friction of fluids in motion.
Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge (1849-1903).
Elected Fellow of the Royal Society (FRS) in 1851.
Rumford Medal in 1852.
Secretary of the Royal Society (1854-1885).
Marries Mary Susanna Robinson in 1857.
President of the Victoria Institute (1886-1903).
President of the Royal Society (1885-1890).
Member of Parliament for Cambridge University (1887-1892).
Created a baronet in 1889 (baronetcy extinct in 1916).
Copley Medal of the Royal Society, in 1893.
Professorial Jubilee (50 years as Lucasian professor) in 1899.
Dies on February 1, 1903, at 1 am, in Lensfield Cottage, Cambridge.

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