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Sligo Abbey

Sligo Abbey

This ancient ruin built originally around 1253 by Maurice Fitzgerald and given to the Order of Dominicans,
whom Fitzgerald introduced into Sligo town. The Abbey was badly damaged by fire in 1414.
It was rebuilt by the then Prior Fr. Bryan McDonough with contributions from the wealthy families of Connacht.

Though now, sadly a ruin, it was at that time regarded as one of the finest buildings in Ireland.
It would certainly rate as one of the earliest buildings in Sligo town.
The Abbey contains the only surviving 15th. Century sculptured high altar in any Irish monastic church.
The Abbey was finally abandoned in 1698, due to wars.

The Dominicans, however, in spite of wars and tribulations, were never to leave Sligo
and are located at their Holy Cross Friary in Sligo town.
In the past, generations of Sligo people have been buried in and around Sligo Abbey.
Needless to say, the Abbey is steeped in history, legend and story.

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