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Doorly Park and the Cleveragh area (reffered to locally as The Back Avenue) has for countless generations, always been a very popular courting and lover's location for Sligo Town!

Many Sligo Town folk have some very special memories of Doorly Park, Cleveragh!

The lovely Garavogue River, surrounding woodland, Cairns Hill and the Dartry Mountains in the background all make for a heady atmosphere and are very conducive to romance and even love!

What I'm really saying here, is even though your partner might not look great - I guarantee your partner will definately look a lot better and be much more alluring in Cleveragh!

The Park is very well designed and maintained by Sligo County Council. There are two paths leading off the Regional Park, one going up towards Cairns Hill and the other going to Doorly Park on the banks of the Garavogue River.

While the Garavogue River and Parks are very tranquil and peaceful today they were not always so as evidenced by the plethora of Neolithic Tombs at nearby Cairns Hill, Garavogue Villas and Carrowmore all south of the Garavogue river. Which was a line in the sand - as it were - being the most vunerable area for incursion from the ancient Kingdom of Ulster into the then Kingdom of Connaught - which survived into the 16th century when it was overwhelmed but not by Ulster.

The ebb and flow of these battles stretched from here on the Garavogue River up to the River Erne. Most of these Tombs are the final resting place of the heroes and Chief Commanders of the Army of Connaught.

Queen Maeve standing upright in her tomb on the summit of Knocknare presides over all and faced her enemy - the very formidable Army of Ulster. The location of these Tombs is an obvious statement of intent that the army of Connaught would never, NEVER leave these sacred Tombs in their enemies hands.

Did Queen Maeve succeed? Well, The border with Ulster is today about 20 miles North of here on the River Drowes in Lovely Leitrim. When you cross that river you will abrubtly encounter the Ulster accent, very different indeed than the Connaught accent! The fact is our ancient past still impacts us even today.

I hope you enjoy my website and you might be tempted to visit and experience for yourself the many delights and enchanting atmosphere of County Sligo.

Slán mó chárde agus go neirí an bothar leat!

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