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Hazelwood House
Hazelwood  House

Hazelwood House was built by Lieutenant General Owen Wynne in 1722 and designed by the German architect Cassells, who also designed St. John's Cathedral at John St., Sligo Town.

Situated about two miles from Sligo Town on the banks of the Garavogue river/Lough Gill, it is one of the few large Georgian houses in Ireland.
(Not open to the public).

In 1969 the Italian company Snia bought the House and enough land to erect a factory, at its peak employing 500. Snia closed in 1983.

In 1987 Saehan Media Ireland Limited the South Korean video tape company bought the site and established a manufacturing plant there. In April 2006 Saehan Media closed it's Hazelwood plant. The House & site is presently owned by a brewery using water from Lough Gill for it's product.
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Hazelwood House c. 1890
Hazelwood  House  circa 1890

The Wynnes of Hazelwood

Owen Wynne VI Stella Fanny Wynne (nee Gore-Booth) The Wynnes of Hazelwood originate in Wales in the 12th. century and became extinct due to the end of the male line, in 1910.

With one exception, the head of the Wynne family, for 300 years bore the forename of Owen.

The last Owen Wynne was Owen V1 and he died on
21st. Nov. 1910 aged 67.

His wife, Stella Fanny, the younger daughter of Sir Robert Gore-Booth of Lissadell, the 4th baronet, had died in a horse & carriage accident on 27th. February 1887.

By the time of the death of Owen V1, the vast estates of 15,000 acres in Leitrim & 14,000 acres in Sligo had already been sold off.

Owen Wynne V1 left four daughters, the eldest and heiress Muriel, was married to Philip Perceval of Temple House, County Sligo and they lived in Hazelwood House from 1910 to 1923.

The house and large remaining estate were finally sold to the Land Commision in 1937.

Wynne  Power

Both local and nationally, until the late 19th. century, the Wynnes of Hazelwood exercised a powerful influence in areas of commerce and politics.

The authority of the Wynnes over the countless tenants and dependants on their massive estates in Sligo/Leitrim was absolute.

While, quite traditonal in many areas, successive family heads were keen to embrace the new technology of their day.


  Pics.  of Owen & Stella Fanny Wynne, (above)
  From,  ' The Wynnes of Sligo & Leitrim '
  Author,  Winston Guthrie Jones.
  Publisher:  Drumlin Publications

Hazelwood  House  Scenes

Although, now in a sad state, Hazelwood House was without doubt, for centuries, the finest of the 'Big Houses' in County Sligo and a veritable hive of businness and social activity.

Not surprisingly, local legend has it that Hazelwood House is haunted, not as one might expect by the spirit of Owen the Last but by his wife, the lovely Stella Fanny.
Like yourself, dear reader, I don't have much time for such nonsence!

Nevertheless, when taking the pics.(below) my sister, Sinead and I made sure to depart the vicinity of the House before nightfall. ;-)

Hazelwood House

Hazelwood House Hazelwood House Hazelwood House

Hazelwood House Hazelwood House

Hazelwood House Hazelwood House Hazelwood House

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