Sligo City is situated at the mouth of the Garavogue river, which flows from Lough Gill. With a population of about 19,200 it is an ideal size - not being so large that one knows nobody or so small that one knows everybody! Unlike some large Cities one can feel very safe in Sligo Town. Sligo people are very visitor friendly. For many past emigrants from the North West, embarkation was at Sligo Port. Sligo Town has everything from top class Hotels to cosy Guesthouses and from trendy Nightclubs to old - timer type pubs! many with traditional music and entertainment. Sligo Town has excellent Restuarants and Coffee shops and the visitor can keep in contact with relatives and friends via the local Cyber Cafés!
Sligo is indeed the ideal base for touring North West Ireland.

Sligo Town has several successful and long established manufacturing plants of both local and overseas origins and has Engineering and Toolmaking firms of International repute. Support for the manufacturing and the services sector is provided by 3rd. level centers of learning and research and several National and local bodies. Sligo has an educated, skilled and commited workforce. If you, dear reader, happen to be a budding entrepreneur or thinking of expanding - please do consider Sligo as a possible Location!

Please click on Thumbnails (below) for Locations.

Sligo Town Scenes

Views of Sligo Town.

Sligo Abbey

Site of ancient Dominican Abbey.

Calry Church

Sligo's beautiful Gothic Church.

Sligo Cathedral

The awesome Splendor of Sligo Cathedral

St. John's Cathedral

The oldest building still in continuous use in Sligo Town

The Presbyterian Church

Close to Sligo Town Center.

The Methodist Church

Wine Street, Sligo Town.

Sligo Town Centre Map

Town Center Map from John Callanan.

Sligo Cemetery

Sligo Cemetery.

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